KrinArt – natural jewellery

Preservation of nature, appreciation of natural materials, diversity of cultures, the uniqueness of a tradition …we set against plastic, mass production and flattening of cultural peculiarities.

Krinart is a large untouched nature only populated by birds and horses. High mountains, snow-capped volcanoes, vast plains, humid jungle. This is the landscape and the origin of the tradition of handicrafts made out of „Crin“, the Spanish word for horse mane and horse hair.
More than 150 years ago, the inhabitants of these plains made wicker baskets for their daily use. The willow containers became even finer and smaller, until one day a few nuns found horse hair in a stream. There are more horses in the area than people. They took the hair with them and worked it through in their baskets, which they created for sale and for their own use.

Now it is no longer nuns, but skilled artisan hands that continue to perfect this technique, come up with new ideas, try out better dyeing techniques and follow fashion trends. They produce wonderful jewelry and jewelry elements and show their skills in creating three-dimensional figures, such as little witches, butterflies and a lot more.

Beauty is as useful as the useful
(Victor Hugo)

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